If you are attending your first concert, be sure that there is nothing complicated about it. Paying attention to small details can make your experience even better and gradually you will realize how wonderful it is to let music be part of your life. Below are some tips to help making your experience even more enjoyable:

First Steps

Information made for you who want to approach of the classical music universe (available only in portuguese).

for kids for teenagers for all

To enjoy a concert:


Please arrive on time and respect the closing of the doors at the third signal. We also ask you to avoid making noises that may cause disturbance. If you need to change places or leave before the end of the presentation, wait for a pause between works or an intermission. This will ensure that you and the performers enjoy the full benefits of the performance.


Once a concert is underway, we request that you don't talk, whisper, sing, hum, tap or move personal belongings. Silence is essential for the music to sound as beautifully as it should.


We understand that you want to register your moments before the Orchestra. However, if you are attending a presentation inside our theater, we strongly recommend that you take your time to enjoy the music and let go of your recording equipment. Music is all that matters.


Don’t forget to turn your cell phone or any other electronic device off. When a performance is in progress, any noise or light can disturb the audience and the performers.


Concert audiences tend to wait until the end of an entire work to clap. Short pauses do not indicate the end of the last movement. If you want to know when to applaud, follow the program notes: they can help you follow the orchestra's progress through each piece and determine the appropriate moments to applaud. It is also worth keeping an eye on the attitude and on the gestures of the conductor. After the last movement, clap to your heart's content.


For information on a particular concert, please see the program notes found in the program book and on the website. These notes are devised in collaboration with several experts. It is a good opportunity to learn more about the composers, compositions and performers.


While there is no dress code for our performances, we suggest that you wear something comfortable that best represents yourself. Just keep in mind that your attire should also demonstrate respect for the musicians’ performance.


Coughing can cause disturbance and prove to be a distraction to patrons and musicians alike. So if you are on one of those days when your throat does not feel right, keep around a tissue and cough suppressant tablets – preferably the ones that come in silent packaging.