Philharmonic Cultural Institute

The Philharmonic Cultural Institute is a civil non-profit association whose objectives are to structure and maintain the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra as well as promote classical music to an even wider range of audiences. The Institute is committed to ensuring the efficiency and transparency of the Orchestra’s management and the faithful fulfillment of its cultural goals, ensuring that society has access to information related to resource management.


Symphonic music is an important apparatus for both education and improvement of the human being, which transcends all ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic barriers. The Philharmonic Cultural Institute will make efforts to ensure that all people have access to symphonic music and benefit from its unifying and liberating force.


Enabling and managing the artistic events schedule of the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra, thus providing means and opportunities for the production, development and diffusion of Brazilian and universal symphonic repertoire.

Ethical Principles

  • Economy
  • Efficiency
  • Excellence
  • Impersonality
  • Legality
  • Morality
  • Reasonableness
  • Transparency/Openness

Fiels of Action

  • Promotion of culture, protection and preservation of the musical artistic heritage and encouraging musical creation in the state of Minas Gerais, focusing on symphonic music;
  • Appreciation and promotion of symphonic music and professionals in this area;
  • Cultural and Educational activities related to the public promotion of symphonic music as well as extend our reach to form new audiences;
  • Development and implementation of plans, artistic programs and projects concerning symphonic music;
  • Production and creation of products, publications, services, virtual spaces, communication products, multimedia, dissemination and institutional promotion of the organization, provided that the outcomes are aligned with the artistic and cultural objectives of the Philharmonic Cultural Institute and its projects;
  • Development of programs that promote the management and/or co-management of public and private areas and equipment related to culture and art, provided that they are relevant to the objectives of the Philharmonic Cultural Institute;
  • Creation and administration of resident performing arts groups since these are relevant to the objectives of the Philharmonic Cultural Institute.


Member Assembly

Afrânio Lacerda
Alexandre Herculano
Ana Elisa Santos
Cássia Lima
Cláudia Guimarães
Domingos Sávio
Ederson Bustamante
Eduardo Santa Cecília
Estevão Fiúza

Fabio Mechetti
Fernando Lara
Gustavo Borges
Helder Couto de Mendonça
Ivar Siewers
Jacqueline Guimarães
José Adolfo Moura
Joseph Mandil
Júlio Ferreira Leite

Jussan Fernandes
Luiz Augusto Guadalupe
Marcus Julius Lander
Maximira Luiza de Jesus
Marília Salgado
Merrina Godinho Delgado
Oiliam Lanna
Paulo Paiva
Paulo Sérgio Malheiros

Rodrigo Bustamante
Rommel Fernandes
Rubner de Abreu
Samy Katz
Sandra Almeida
Saulo Cunha
Sérgio Aluotto
Werner Silveira
Zilka Caribé

Board of Directors

Presidente emeritus

Jacques Schwartzman
Diretor of UFMG Cespe


Roberto Mário Soares Filho
Member of the Grupo Asamar’s board of directors


Ângela Gutierrez
President of the Flávio Gutierrez Cultural Institute

Arquimedes Wagner Brandão de Oliveira
Advogado e Empresário

Berenice Menegale
CEO of the Fundação de Educação Artística



Bruno Volpini
CEO of the Advisory Services – Ernst & Young

Celina Szrvinsk
Piano Professor of the UFMG

Fernando de Almeida
CEO of Linea D’oro

Ítalo Gaetani
Managing Director of Construtora Castor


Marco Antônio Pepino
President of the Board of Directors of Sérgio Magnani Institute

Marco Antônio Soares da Cunha Castello Branco
President ofCodemig

Mauricio Freire
Director the Music School of the UFMG


Octávio Elísio
President of HidroEX Foundation

Paulo Brant
Director of Fiemg ((Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais)

Sérgio Pena
Professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Immunology of the UFMG

Executive Board

Diomar Silveira
Chief Executive Officer

Estevão Fiuza
Chief Financial-Administrative Officer

Jacqueline Guimarães Ferreira
Chief Communications Officer

Zilka Caribé
Chief Marketing and Projects Officer

Ivar Siewers
Chief Operating Officer


Technical Staff

Merrina Godinho Delgado
Communications Manager

Claudia da Silva Guimarães
Music Production Manager

Gabriela de Souza
Music Programming Consultant

Luis Otávio Rezende e Narren Felipe

Fernando Dornas, Mariana Garcia, Renata Gibson e Renata Romeiro
Communications Analysts

Itamara Kelly e
Mariana Theodorica
Project Management

Mônica Moreira
Relationship Marketing Analyst

Rildo Lopez
Production Assistant

André Barbosa e Jeferson Silva
Production Clerk


Renato Bretas
Infrastructure Manager

Jorge Correia
Operations Manager

Diano Carvalho and Rafael Franca
Lighting and Audio Technician

Rodrigo Brandão
Operations Assistant

Management Team

Ana Lúcia Carvalho
Financial Administrative Manager

Quézia Macedo Silva
Human Resources Manager

João Paulo de Oliveira and
Paulo Baraldi
Administrative Analysts

Graziela Coelho
Accounting Analyst

Flaviana Mendes
Executive Secretary

Cristiane Reis
Administrative Assistant

Vivian Figueiredo
Human Resources Assistant

Pedro Almeida
Administrative Clerk

Meire Gonçalves

Ailda Conceição and Rose Mary de Castro
General Services

Bruno Rodrigues and Douglas Conrado

Geovana Benício


Estufa Viagens
Travel Agency

Aster Assessoria Contábil
Accounting Consultant

Personal Press
Press Office

Dolabella Advocacia e Consultoria
Legal Advice

RB Informática
Information Technology

Ingresso Rápido
Ticket Office and
Subscription System


Drummond & Neumayr Advocacia
Immigration Consulting

Audio Creation

Alexandre Rezende

Bruna Brandão

Daniela Paoliello

Eugênio Sávio

Rafael Motta

Clac Cultural
Cultural Projects Management

Audiovisual Production

Audiovisual Production

Digital Printer

Rona Editora
Printing Production

Printing Production


Management System

Berenice Menegale
Program notes (coordination)

Carlos Palombini
Program notes 

Celso Faria
Program notes 

César Buscacio
Program notes 

Guilherme Nascimento
Program notes 

Igor Reyner
Program notes 

Marcelo Corrêa
Program notes 

Moacyr Laterza Filho
Program notes 

Oiliam Lanna
Program notes